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Aging awareness: A meaningful life for seniors and caregivers

Sara Qualls

CU on the Air examines the many facets and concerns of aging with Sara Honn Qualls, professor of psychology, Kraemer Family Professor of Aging Studies and director of the Aging Center and the Gerontology Center at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. Host Ken McConnellogue talks with Dr. Qualls about:

  • Services available through UCCS and its community partners to aging citizens and their families, such as:
    • Baseline and advanced neurological screenings.
    • Aging families and caregiver workshops and coaching.
    • Support groups.
  • The benefits and disadvantages of increased cultural awareness on aging:
    • More research and resources available to assist the aging.
    • The fear of dementia and memory loss creating fear and anxiety.
  • What’s normal in aging and what isn’t.
  • Social isolation in aging versus finding and maintaining meaning in life.
  • Dialogue between the caregiver and the care recipient to be partners in care.
  • A grant on studying the use of marijuana in aging populations.
  • Planning ahead.
  • Building assisted living communities around meaningful activities that boost seniors’ strength and mobility.

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Encouraging findings in Alzheimer’s research

Dr. Huntington Potter
Dr. Huntington Potter

Dr. Huntington Potter, CU Anschutz Medical Campus professor and director of the Rocky Mountain Alzheimer’s Disease Center, speaks with CU’s Ken McConnellogue about:

  • The drug leukine, which shows encouraging results
  • Why Down syndrome research is important in Alzheimer’s research
  • What the center is looking for in clinical studies

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