Pathways2Teaching Makes Strides to Diversify, Grow-Your-Own Teachers

Joselyne Garcia-Moreno
Joselyne Garcia-Moreno

The percentage of K-12 students of color has raised dramatically in Colorado in the past few years, making up near 50% of our school population. Unfortunately, the teacher population has not kept up. For nearly 11 years, the University of Colorado Denver’s Pathways2Teaching program has aimed to balance that teacher-to-student ratio. Today, on CU on the Air, we’re talking with Joselyne Garcia-Moreno, a graduate of the Pathways2Teaching program, and Margarita Bianco, associate professor of education and the program’s founder.

    • Margarita discusses the origins of Pathways2Teaching and gives an overview of the program.
    • Joselyne discusses her background, high school and how she learned about the program.
    • Joselyne was hired as a paraprofessional before even finishing high school.
    • Margarita discusses the external partners of the program and their role.
    • Joselyne talks about the support and teachers who helped her on her path.
    • Margarita and Joselyne discuss how the program benefits students and ultimately our state.
    • Joselyne is now working on her master’s degree and hopes to teach at the high school where it all began.
    • Margarita, who was interviewed on the second episode of CU on the Air in 2017, discusses how the program has grown in the past nearly five years.
Dr. Margarita Bianco
Dr. Margarita Bianco
  • Several institutions across the country have adopted the model of grow-your-own teachers.
  • Pathways2Teaching has served about 1,700 students over the years.
  • Students in the program continue to research and solve challenges within their communities as part of the program. Margarita offers some spectacular success stories.
  • Margarita says, yes, progress is moving slowly, but at least there is movement. Graduates and students such as Joselyne make the struggle worthwhile.
  • As a graduate of the program, Joselyne discusses steps that can be taken or further support and encourage students to become involved and be successful.
  • Joselyne and Margarita close their eyes and look at education in K-12 schools, and share with us their vision.
  • We at CU on the Air and our listeners will continue to support that vision.