Rockin’ litigation in the entertainment industry

From Beatlemania to the #MeToo movement, the causes and outcomes of rock ‘n’ roll litigation are varied and complex. Stan Soocher, an entertainment attorney and CU Denver ​professor of Music & Entertainment Industry Studies, talks with CU on the Air’s Ken McConnellogue about court cases ranging from the Beatles to Michael Jackson to Taylor Swift, and how they have evolved and shaped the industry. Soocher is the author of Baby You’re a Rich Man: Suing the Beatles for Fun and Profit and They Fought the Law: Rock Music Goes to Court.

Show notes:

  • Is the old stereotype of the artists being exploited by the managers or record company true? Yup.
  • The jury is in: Paul is the best Beatle . . . when it comes to being industry savvy.
  • Why George Harrison turned off his radio.
  • Brian Epstein’s missteps.
  • Billy Joel’s awkward Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Litigation as a creative barrier.
  • Weird Al has 2 Live Crew to thank – in part – for his musical career.
  • What constitutes copyright infringement and how sampling fits into it.
  • Elvis is in the building: How hologram concerts might be the next big thing, and the complex legalities that might ensue.