Unearthing the effects of climate change on human health

Dr. Jay Lemery

Dr. Jay Lemery is a pioneer in the convergence of climate change and global human health. He is the co-author of Enviromedics: The Impact of Climate Change on Human Health, which enlightens readers about one of the greatest challenges of our time — How is climate change affecting our lives? Dr. Lemery chats with CU on the Air host Ken McConnellogue about:

  • Global warming’s harmful effects on the most vulnerable populations, and the increased frequency of dangerously hot days.
  • How harmful bugs such as mosquitos and ticks are migrating to higher altitudes, infecting new populations that haven’t built an immunity.
  • Precipitation extremes – from drought to floods – are diminishing food supplies and eroding the land.
  • Forced migration — communities that will have to move because their towns will be covered in water.
  • A MOOC – Foundations for Global Health Responders – offered by Dr. Lemery that ensures first responders are trained and equipped to assist in a humanitarian disaster.