‘Biology Everywhere’ on CU on the Air

Biology is everywhere and science plays a major role in all existence. Sometimes, however, it seems too daunting and intimidating to embrace how these areas factor into our daily lives. On this episode of CU on the Air, host Ken McConnellogue talks with CU Boulder’s Melanie Peffer, research associate in the Institute of Cognitive Science, about her book ‘Biology Everywhere: How the Science of Life Matters to Everyday Life.’

  • Why science and biology are considered intimidating.
  • The surprising ways we interact with biology, from the sun in our eyes and your choice of breakfast.
  • Connecting biology to everyday life.
  • Why science is under fire during tumultuous times.
  • Science knowledge is subject to change – and quickly – as is witnessed by the pandemic.
  • Scientific naysayers are often fearful.
  • Not a textbook, ‘Biology Everywhere’ is for the public.
  • Understanding biology, from conception to adulthood.
  • How art has influenced biology; how biology has influence art.
  • Biology explains why choir members’ hearts beat in unison.
  • The psychology of how we make scientific decisions.
  • The beautiful simplicity of biology and exploration, such as the fascination of anthills.
  • How Peffer changed the minds of CU students who ‘have learned to hate science.’
  • Biology beyond the textbooks.
  • Biology – the ability to recognize it even on Netflix.
  • Taking advantage of educational opportunities by making biology connections outside the classroom.
  • Letting students drive the questions about science.
  • MOOC for Biology Everywhere gaining a lot of interest and learners.
  • Coming away from reading Biology Everywhere with an attitude of ‘yes I can.’
  • Professor Peffer’s background, how she came to explore science literacy and psychology.
  • The importance of inspirational parents and teachers.
  • Incorporating inclusive teaching practices in science.
  • Honoring fears and background influences when approaching science.
  • Being a researcher the University of Colorado Boulder, and forming relationships with the community.