The importance of innovation for CU in the age of COVID-19 and beyond

From Left: CU President Mark Kennedy, Jon Arnold, Ken McConnellogue

CU on the Air again talks to CU President Kennedy about the University of Colorado’s response to COVID-19 and its transformation to greater technology and online learning.

  • Analysis of the market and CU’s role in online learning
  • Strong progress in the past on which to build
  • Online Acceleration Committee
  • Bring together the best of our four campuses
  • Proposed answers for the campuses in September
  • CU Online from CU Denver now integrating all four campuses
  • Fall of 2021 launch of extensive online offerings
  • Sharing our assets
  • Five years down the road? Growing, competitive, innovative, adaptive learning, VR
  • Mix and match options for our students
  • Faculty quality in both online and classroom learning
  • Remote learning vs. online education
  • Students gravitate toward authentic experiences – whether online or in the classroom
  • Ensuring programs delivered digitally were designed for that experience
  • Information systems critical for educational, research and teaching capabilities
  • Exploring a systemwide, common technology platform
  • More meaningful digital support over the next three years
  • Collaborating with the campuses to optimize support for CRM
  • Thank you again to our resilient faculty and staff!