Limb Restoration: Osseointegration gives amputees a new option

Dr. Jason Stoneback

Osseointegration example
Osseointegration example

Dr. Jason Stoneback and his team at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus have enabled hundreds of patients with limb maladies to live active and productive lives. Dr. Stoneback is chief of orthopedic trauma and fracture surgery, director of the Limb Restoration Program, and vice chair of clinical affairs. Today on CU on the Air, we talk to him about osseointegration and the treatment of many other complex limb conditions.

  • What is osseointegration?
  • How grafting part of a prosthetic into an amputee’s limb enables them better movement.
  • Bonus! Osseointegration allows the patient to feel the pressure and adjust their limb placement.
  • How this pioneering technique has given new life to amputees.
  • Who is eligible for this pioneering surgery?
  • Who isn’t as good a candidate?
  • How widespread is it?
  • The most common amputees across the U.S. aren’t who you might think.
  • Limb restoration: Saving limbs that seemed destined for amputation.
  • Lengthening, regrowing bone. How it’s done.
  • The CU Anschutz team – coming together time and time again to tackle the tough cases.
  • Why Dr. Stoneback became interested and ultimately a leading force in limb restoration.
  • What’s to come in the short term and what are the hopes for the future.