The horror! Why we watch it, write it, and love to dread it

Why the heck do we love horror so much? This month, CU on the Air host Ken McConnellogue talks with Stephen Graham Jones, CU Boulder professor and author of experimental, horror, crime and science fiction, about our fears, the origins of monsters, the appeal of zombies and a whole lot more. Jones has won the Texas Institute for Letters Award, National Endowment for the Arts Fellow and Fiction, the Bram Stoker Award, four This is Horror Awards, and his work has been named one of the Bloody Disgusting’s top 10 horror novels of the year.

  • Why do some people love horror while others think it’s silly?
  • Jones’ students got to experience The Stanley Hotel, and some freaked
  • An unexpected out-of-body experience and the resulting dive into writing
  • A prolific author, Jones discusses his writing habits
  • The love of crime and science fiction, and what is experimental fiction anyway?
  • Jones’ tips for writing: Scare yourself, go beyond your comfort zone
  • Terror vs. dread
  • The origin and evolution of werewolves
  • Horror and how it has changed over time to reflect the times
  • Zombie love – fast or slow?
  • What drives Jones’ students, and how they keep him grounded
  • Three books coming up
  • How Jones’ early life and the expectations of others influences his work