An exercise in nutrition for elite athletes to armchair quarterbacks

Jackie Berning, PhD, RD, CSSD
Jackie Berning, PhD, RD, CSSD

From the Denver Broncos to the Cleveland Indians to college sports and Olympians, Dr. Jackie Berning, professor and chair of Health Sciences at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, has provided nutrition education to top athletes. Today on CU on the Air, Dr. Berning talks with host Ken McConnellogue about nutrition tips and sustainable healthy eating, whether for the elite or armchair athlete.

  • How Dr. Berning became the Broncos’ nutrition adviser
  • Specific nutritional needs for specific sports and athletes
  • When – if ever – you need to take supplements
  • Where bacon lives in the food groups
  • Pacing your protein throughout the day
  • Acute athletes vs. chronic athletes and how their nutritional needs might vary
  • Why it might be OK to pig out on a holiday
  • Nutrition in combatting aging
  • The one thing that increases mortality rates as we age
  • CU Colorado Springs’ greenhouse to cafeteria breadth of learning
  • City for Champions, community collaborations and how UCCS is advancing health education in phenomenal ways