CU in the dark: Astronomer Doug Duncan discusses the Aug. 21 solar eclipse

Dr. Douglas Duncan
Dr. Douglas Duncan

The best total solar eclipse in the U.S. in about 40 years will be visible within a corridor of 70 miles crossing 14 states from South Carolina and Oregon. The closest state to Colorado that will experience the total eclipse is Wyoming, starting after 11 a.m. The eclipse promises to be a remarkable sight even in states that won’t see it in its entirety. CU’s Ken McConnellogue talks with CU Boulder astronomy professor and world renowned stargazer Doug Duncan, director of the Fisk Planetarium in Boulder, about:

  • How to safely watch the upcoming eclipse.
  • Who will see the total eclipse, and what we can look forward to in Colorado and on the coasts.
  • Preparing to watch the eclipse.
  • The strange reactions of man and beast during the full eclipse.
  • Highlights – and lowlights – of eclipses of the past.
  • When the next eclipse will be.
  • Tips for throwing an eclipse party

Dr. Douglas Duncan